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Drug Design

Medicinal Chemistry: A Series of Monographs, Vol. 2


Drug Design, Volume II covers the design of bioactive compounds interacting with enzymes and playing a role in enzyme synthesis.
The book discusses the modulation of pharmacokinetics by molecular manipulation; the factors in the design of reversible and irreversible enzyme inhibitors; and the design of organophosphate and carbamate inhibitors of cholinesterases. The text also describes the design of reactivators for irreversibly blocked acetylcholinesterase; drug design based on the inhibition of protein synthesis in the context of susceptible enzymic reactions; as well as the role of enzymes and their synthesis as a target for antibiotic action. The rational design of antiviral agents; the design of penicillin; the design of peptide hormone analogs; as well as the advances in the design of diuretics are also considered. The book further tackles the design of biologically active steroids; the rational elements in the development of superior neuromuscular blocking agents; and the design of tumor-inhibitory alkylating drugs.
Pharmacologists, chemists, and people involved in drug design will find the book invaluable.