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Immunology of the Female Genital Tract


This book systematically reviews and discusses recent studies and articles on the immunology of female genital tract tissue. The scope is broad, encompassing innate immune responses, adaptive (humoral and cell-mediated) immunity, the immunology of menstruation, the immunology of viral and bacterial infections, the immunology of normal and abnormal pregnancy, and immunological infertility. Throughout, tables and illustrations are judiciously used to facilitate understanding. Immunology of the Female Genital Tract will serve as an invaluable source of up-to-date information for all with an interest in this subject.

Professor Ernst Rainer Weissenbacher is Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics at Großhadern Clinic, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He is also President of the European Society for Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Professor Weissenbacher is recognized as a leading authority in the field and has written several books as well as many journal articles. He has a particular interest in the care of high-risk pregnancies and the treatment of infections of the female genital tract, and has also been a strong proponent of use of the Gardasil vaccine to combat cervical cancer.