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Organophosphorus Poisons

Anticholinesterases and Related Compounds

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1. Auflage, 1961

Modern Trends in Physiological Sciences, Volume 13: Organophosphorus Poisons: Anticholinesterases and Related Compounds covers the reactions, toxic action, activation, methods of preparation, and pharmacology of pentacovalent phosphorus compounds.
This book is composed of four parts encompassing 17 chapters. The first part highlights the chemical aspects of organophosphorus poisons. This part specifically surveys their nomenclature, electronic theory, methods of preparation and purification, and hydrolytic and related reactions. The second part deals with the biochemical aspects of the compounds. Topics covered in this aspect include enzyme inhibition activity and metabolism in insects, mammals, plants, and soil. The third and fourth parts focus on the pharmacological aspects of organophosphorus poisons in mammals and insects. These parts emphasize some aspects of nerve function, of how nerve function is influenced by various drugs, and the main experimental set-ups used in studying the pharmacology of phosphorus compounds. A chapter on the therapeutic methods, symptoms, and diagnosis of their bad and abnormal effects in man is also provided.
This book is of value to pharmacologists, biochemists, physical chemists, and toxicologists.
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