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A System of Orthopaedic Medicine

System of Orthopaedic Medicine

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3. Auflage, 2013

Since its first publication, almost two decades ago, A System of Orthopaedic Medicine has proven to be a reliable resource and guide for those clinicians working in the field of orthopaedic medicine who assess and treat the effects of musculoskeletal pain.

This third edition remains focused on clinical reasoning and diagnosis, with detailed guidance on palpation of the anatomical structures and the correct performance of each therapeutic technique. Following the 'System', the clinician first completes a systematic clinical assessment of the joints involved, and then, after interpreting the results, groups the disorders and conditions into clinical syndromes. Finally, the natural history and the conservative treatment of each condition are discussed accordingly.

NEW! Building on the previous edition, A System of Orthopaedic Medicine now comes with access to online resources designed to support and enhance the learning experience of each and every clinician using the book. The new edition has been streamlined for easier access and handling by transferring all the applied anatomy chapters, references, links and other selected chapters onto the online resources.

LOG ON TO www.orthopaedicmedicineonline.com TO START YOUR EXPERIENCE AND ACCESS:

  • x100 video clips of examination and treatment techniques (referenced in the book)
  • all the references with access to the abstracts on Medline
  • online only chapters which includes applied anatomy (referenced in the book)
  • A logical, step-by-step approach to examination and assessment which helps identify the source of the problem more quickly and surely
  • Fully comprehensive - the entire musculoskeletal system is addressed
  • Summary charts and tables facilitate quick reference and easy revision
  • Multiple illustrations supplement and further clarify the text
  • Differential diagnosis flowcharts summarize the deductive thought sequence which should be followed for each joint examination
  • Access to online resources which include videos of techniques and much more! - www.orthopaedicmedicineonline.com
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