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Good Health

Self healing techniques from around the world


This book sets out to provide effective and easy methods to improve your health, using age-old techniques from Russia, India, China, Tibet and Korea. The diagnostics and techniques shown in this book can be used as prevention against chronic problems caused by injuries, arthritic conditions, tinnitus, headaches, migraine, insomnia, dizziness, and anxiety. Recommendations for dealing with memory loss, gout, hot flushes by menopause, constipation, cystitis, gastritis, sinusitis, and snoring are included. Also how cats, dogs and trees can play a part in the healing process. Other methods used for self help treatment include: Colours and sounds, Indian mudra's, acupressure, Korean seed therapy, Korean elastic ring, self prepared herbal teas, a well chosen diet, self prepared natural ointments, herbal baths for skin diseases and exercises and gymnastic from India, Tibet and China, and how a pendulum can be used to get advice on diet, medication, and recommended treatments shown in this book.