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Reg... Considering a Care Home


Welcome reader to my third book on Alzheimer's disease. Considering a Care Home? Ask the right questions. This book will provide you with some of the most profound insights and questions you need to consider should you decide that your loved one now requires twenty four hour care. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Some of these questions would not even have crossed your mind because in this whole journey, we lose our energy and confidence and can be only to grateful and believe that someone else knows what is best for us and our loved one. In that process we can find ourselves at our wits end and exhausted as we forget, to manage those individuals effectively and fail to ask those very important questions we need answers to. The insights and questions in this book will, prepare you for what you may come up against and or situations that have the potential to be presented to you. From my own personal experience I wish I knew to ask for example 'Are these the same carer staff that work here at night? I did not know that the care home employed agency night staff and nor did anyone at the care home seem to believe that it was appropriate to tell me either.' Care is very expensive. We all hear on the news today the bad press that some care homes receive. Make sure you obtain the answers to your questions in order that you understand how any care home operates. There is no price tag on having 'piece of mind' It is not enough to just find a care home, abdicate without questioning nor understanding what takes place there, with whom and when. Also available Reg-Alzheimer's disease The Symptoms and the ten steps in how to obtain a diagnosis Reg - Alzheimer's disease. After a diagnosis what's next? Reg - Alzheimer's disease. Hints and tips on what works