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Volume 8: Neurotoxins


The exquisite simplicity and potency of toxins have made them valuable probes of neural systems. This book presents a comprehensive compilation of techniques used for the preparation, handling, and, particularly, for the use of neurotoxins. Model systems are described in which these neurotoxins have been extremely valuable in developing an understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of secretion and electrophysiological events leading to altered cell function.
Key Features
* Convenient benchtop format
* Methods presented for easy adaptation to new systems
* A virtual 'A-B-C' of commonly used and available toxins
* Comprehensive protocols included for the use of alpha toxin, apamin, batrachotoxin; botulina toxin, bungarotoxin; channel ligands: agonists and antagonists; capsaicin; charybdotoxin, ciguatoxin; Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin; cholera toxin (choleragen); conotoxin; dendrotoxin; endothelin; fasciculin; geographutoxin; latrotoxin; natural toxins; neosurgatoxin; palytoxin; pertussis toxin; resiniferatoxin; sarafotoxin; scorpion toxin; snake venom toxins