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Advances in Morphogenesis

Volume 3

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1. Auflage, 1964

Advances in Morphogenesis, Volume 3 covers the significant advances in various aspects of morphogenesis. This volume is divided into nine chapters that specifically consider the histochemical, morphological, and biochemical aspects of cell growth and development in various animal groups.
The opening chapter deals with the different mechanisms of determination in the development of the gastropods. The next chapters present the model system for biochemical of morphological differentiation, including non-filamentous aquatic fungi and sea urchin. These topics are followed by discussions of the results obtained from chick embryo erythrocyte during the entire prenatal period, with emphasis on the problems of autodifferentiation of chick embryo blood corpuscles. A chapter examines the role of DNA, RNA, and sulfhydryl groups in morphogenesis in amphibians and regeneration in the unicellular alga, Acetabularia mediterranea. The concluding chapters describe the relationship between cleavage, relative duration of developmental periods, and cell differentiation in stages of embryonic development. These chapters also look into the positive evidence concerning the morphogenetic role of the egg cortex of the amphibians.
This book is directed primarily to developmental biologists.
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