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Tissue Printing

Tools for the Study of Anatomy, Histochemistry, And Gene Expression

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1. Auflage, 1992

Tissue Printing explains and compiles step-by-step methods and applications of this elegantly simple and practical technique. The protocols can be easily modified by the research biologist or teacher to study a wide variety of biological problems for basic research or classroom teaching. Tissue printing requires no expensive equipment for successful implementation, is safe, and can be used for both plant and animal systems. This practical laboratory guide contains many illustrative halftones, a complete bibliography, technique overviews, detailed protocols, and sample practical applications.
* Provides step-by-step protocols and practical applications of tissue printing to the plant and animal sciences
* Describes simple, rapid, low-budget techniques for study of proteins and nucleic acids at the tissue level
* Protocols have been tested and successfully used by authors of each chapter and their colleagues
* Chapters are thoroughly illustrated and extensively referenced to original literature.
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