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100 Complications of Otorhinolangyngology & Skull Base Surgery

Each Case Report from Different Surgeons Around the Globe

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Navigate Complex Cases with Confidence and Precision

The field of otorhinolaryngology is made challenging by the complex and unique anatomy of head and neck region. Successfully navigating this area with surgical finesse remains an enigma. 100 Complications of Otorhinolaryngology & Skull Base Surgery provides a broad overview of various complications encountered in ENT and skull base surgeries, their impacts, and intricacies in their management.

"A successful surgeon has the eyes of a hawk, heart of a lion, and hand of a lady." True to this quote, a surgeon is not the one who is just well versed in surgical techniques, but the one who handles complications too with aplomb. This book features 100 complicated yet interesting cases by more than 250 authors from 26 different countries, discussing the start of scary times, how they managed to tackle those in an appropriate manner, and the lessons they learnt from each case. Each case report has a section on "Clinical Pearls and Pitfalls" in order to broaden the perspective.

Key Features

A collection of real-life cases and complications faced by senior ENT surgeons across the world.
100 unique cases, and each case is led by a different team head.
Contains over 700 operative and endoscopic images, illustrations serving as a visual guide for the readers.
Over 50 videos of various clinical conditions for better visual understanding.
This book serves as a guide for otorhinolaryngologists in handling complicated cases. ENT surgeons will also find this book beneficial if they encounter critical complications during surgery.
Smears in the Rapid Diagnosis of Central Nervous System Lesions
Challenges in the Interpretation of Stereotactic Biopsies

This print book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.


Facial Plastic Surgery

Für die klinische Praxis

Befasst sich mit Themen wie Narbenrevision, Gesichtstrauma, Gesichtsimplantate, Nasenkorrektur, Halsrekonstruktion, Gaumenspalte und Facelifting.

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