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A Social Dreaming Experience at the Time of COVID 19

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The book describes the experience of four Social Dreaming Matrices held online between March and May 2020, during the first lockdown caused by the Covid 19 emergency. The pandemic isolated us and imposed prolonged contact with ourselves and our solitary thoughts. Against this backdrop, there was hope for change, a desire for a different kind of sociability and different forms of intimacy. On the basis of this evidence, our research supports the shift "from experiencing trauma to reacting to trauma", looking at a collective traumatic experience not only as something to be overcome but as an opportunity for a transformation that changes our mental schemes in relation to the external context. We have identified Social Dreaming as a privileged technique to overcome a collective traumatic experience, supporting its elaboration through collective feelings, new connections between intuition and rational thought, the discovery of community meanings. The authors's thesis is that the much-needed transition from 'magical thinking' to 'transformative thinking' takes place in a setting that is able to contain the anxieties of life's transitional phases, supporting the creation of new rituals and new social bonds and sustaining the passage from “me” to a “wider we”.
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