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3D Ultrasound

Devices, Applications, and Algorithms

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3D ultrasound techniques have been increasingly used in diagnosis, minimally invasive image-guided interventions, and intra-operative surgical use. Today, most ultrasound system manufacturers provide 3D imaging capability as part of the systems. This availability has stimulated researchers to develop various machine learning tools to automatically detect and diagnose diseases, such as cancer, monitor the progression and regression of diseases, such as carotid atherosclerosis, guide and track tools being introduced into the body, such as brachytherapy and biopsy needles.

This edited book is divided into three sections covering 3D ultrasound devices, 3D ultrasound applications, and machine learning tools using 3D ultrasound imaging and written with physicians, engineers, and advanced graduate students in mind.

• Provides descriptions of mechanical, tracking, and array approaches for generating 3D ultrasound images

• Details the applications of 3D ultrasound for diagnostic application and in image-guided intervention and surgery

• Explores the cutting-edge use of machine learning in detection, diagnosis, monitoring, and guidance for a variety of clinical applications

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