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Official Organ of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (E.S.G.E.)


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Die führende Fachzeitschrift!

Here is the premier journal on international developments in gastrointestinal endoscopy, essential for helping clinicians stay current on worldwide advances. From top quality review articles and original contributions...to fast, in-depth coverage of the most important national and international meetings...to valuable surveys of diagnostic and therapeutic advances, Endoscopy covers the field in twelve information-packed issues per year. Plus, every two years, Endoscopy publishes a complete review of the literature in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy published in the previous two-year period, a unique feature that is alone worth the price of a subscription!

Standard items which make a subscription to Endoscopy such good value:

Original articles with targeted editorials and reviews, short communications, case studies including unusual cases, and technical notes
State-of-the-art issue in gastroenterologic endoscopy that reviews all articles in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy regularly published
Congress report from DDW each year, published within months of the meeting
Publication of the endoscopic abstracts of the annual United European Gastroenterology Week accompanied by a topical review of the abstracts
Special review sections on minimally invasive surgery, GI Pathology, GI radiology, and the latest technological developments
Unsurpassed reproductive quality of photographic and schematic material
Extensive international congress calendar

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