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Anterior Hip Replacement

From Origin to Current Advanced Techniques

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Anterior hip replacement is a surgical approach that has dramatically changed the landscape of modern hip replacement. The approach is common to orthopedic trauma surgery, but it has been rapidly adopted in recent years for hip replacement as well. Its proposed benefits as a muscle-sparing surgery include less tissue trauma, faster recovery, and fewer hip precautions. While the technique can be challenging during initial learning and early adoption, the approach continues to increase in utilization in the U.S. every year because of these benefits. Understanding the initial development of the anterior surgical approach for hip replacement creates the foundation to better understand its modern clinical benefits and possibilities with advanced techniques. Furthermore, a detailed description of the reasoning behind the continued developments of the anterior approach helps in understanding the key elements needed to obtain the most successful outcomes.

With the continued adoption of this technically challenging technique, there is a need for a comprehensive resource for newly adopting surgeons and surgeons in training, but also for experienced surgeons looking to enhance their skill sets. Written by experts in the field, this book presents the tips and tricks learned after years of experience by a wide spectrum of surgeons. Parts 1 and 2 describe the origin and background of the anterior approach for hip replacement, with early lessons learned, important tips when training others, and how to master the operating table and c-arm. Parts 3 and 4 cover hip biomechanics and variations on techniques and technologies, respectively, while part 5 is a unique compilation of surgeons' perspectives on managing common aspects of the approach. Revision surgery is described in part 6, and future directions for the technique are discussed in part 7, along with emerging navigation and technologies.

Every year, there is an increasing number of orthopedic surgeons learning and adopting the anterior hip approach who would benefit from the resources in this book, which will serve as a critical learning tool for training surgeons and also as the go-to reference for optimizing current use and advancing future possibilities of the approach.

Describes the origins, development, current and future techniques for the anterior approach to hip replacement

Presents the complete learning curve for the technique as well as tips and tricks from experts in the field

An excellent resource for beginning and veteran orthopedic surgeons alike
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