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A Practical Guide to Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

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This book covers point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in a practical, problem oriented and illustrated manner. It begins with introduction to the basic principles of medical ultrasound imaging and ultrasound guided interventions and outlines point of care ultrasound in a lucid manner for rapid learning for medical students as well as practitioners. It contains chapters on ultrasound of the airways, thoracic ultrasound including lungs and transthoracic screening echocardiogram, vascular assessment, ultrasound of the abdomen for focussed trauma assessment, gastric volume assessment and ultrasound guided interventions such as vascular cannulations, pleurocentesis, etc. along with some of the latest point of care ultrasound techniques such as ocular assessment and assessment of the fetus and placenta in the operation theatre.

This book will help the intensivist, emergency physician and anesthesiologist to learn the basics of POCUS, which ostensibly, is the future of medical practice. It also includes objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) questions after every chapter as well as multiple choice questions (MCQs) that will benefit the students greatly. The book also includes videos from some of the celebrated practitioners of POCUS providing a unique learning experience.

This book is suited for students, trainees and practitioners alike. The modules of POCUS described here are part of the curriculum of anesthesiology in the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia/ New Zealand and most of the countries. The book also covers the curriculum of POCUS in critical care and emergency medicine courses.

Provides a comprehensive overview of ultrasound-guided procedures performed at the point-of-care

Focuses exclusively on procedures and includes step-by-step guidance

Aimed at healthcare providers and trainees in internal medicine, emergency medicine, critical care, pediatrics, etc
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