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Approach to Lower Limb Oedema

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The book covers all aspects of lower limb oedema including aetiology, pathophysiology, clinical approach, investigations, differential diagnosis and management. It presents all the medical and surgical aspects of lower limb oedema in a well-illustrated manner for better understanding. It covers the lower limb oedema of different origins separately to highlight the different spectrums in their presentation and management. Separate chapters include special conditions like pregnancy, trauma and vascular malformations.

The book augments the learning and knowledge for lower limb oedema management by illustrating all aspects of it. It suggests proceeding with every possible aetiology with a better understanding of pathophysiology and adequate designated investigations. It also includes clinical guidelines that help to solve the diagnostic dilemma in lower limb oedema management with infused points to reach a consensus in each and every possible cause. The book includes recent scientific literature and accepted guidelines adopted from the publications during the last ten years to provide latest knowledge in the field.

The approaches discussed in the book with specific importance to clinical workup and meticulous investigation protocols will help the surgeons, physicians, primary care workers as well as surgical resident trainees to reach the correct diagnosis and proper management.

Chapters cover the latest evidence-based approach in diagnosis and management of lower limb oedema

Includes a special section on medical causes of lower limb oedema

Chapters of differential diagnosis and management of lower limb oedema include algorithms, boxes and flow diagrams
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