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Aesthetic Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

From Problem to Solution

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This book deals with the management of difficult breast augmentation revision cases. After critically reviewing the complication rate in aesthetic breast augmentation, the authors go on to discuss the importance of the inframammary fold. Moreover, this book provides detailed instructions on how to manage capsular contracture; wrinkling; animation deformity; implant rotation and waterfall deformities; symmastia; implant rupture; infection and implant exposure; double bubble; and bottoming out. Each chapter starts with a short explanation of the complication, followed by step-by-step revision procedures. Checklists, high-quality images, flowcharts and bullet point-like presentations will help surgeons solve these various problems. Well-structured chapters and a concise format make this book a quick reference guide that aids clinicians in making decisions and providing treatment.

Edited by renowned plastic surgeons from around the world

Explains how to manage difficult cases in breast augmentation revision

Critically discusses complications in aesthetic breast surgery
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