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Advanced Concepts in Human Immunology: Prospects for Disease Control

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This book highlights information derived primarily from clinical samples, with particular reference to theoretical and scientific aspects of the human immune system. This text will focus on topics that range from host-pathogen interactions in infectious disease to host immune response in cancer, allergic diseases, neuroinflammatory diseases, and autoimmune disorders. The reader will also have a well-rounded understanding of the behavior of the immune system with particular emphasis on the role of immunoproteomics in immunotherapy, neuroprotective immunity for neurodegenerative and neuroinfectious disease, leukemia-associated dendritic cell induction of adaptive immunity dysregulation, and the role of immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer, infection, as well as neuroinflammation. Taken together, the contents of this book are intended for both clinicians and researchers in academia and industry.

Synthesizes current research to provide a thorough understanding of the behavior of the human immune system

Includes unique coverage of immunoproteomics for immunotherapy, and clinical perspectives on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Key resource for clinicians as well as researchers in academia and industry
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