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Advances in Ocular Imaging in Glaucoma

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Serving as a practical guide to the ocular imaging modalities that are currently available to eye care providers for the care of glaucoma patients, this book provides information on advances in ocular imaging and their applications in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. Each chapter introduces the imaging modality, highlight its strengths and weaknesses for clinical care, and discuss its integration into the clinical examination and decision-making process. The chapters also provide an in-depth description of the interpretation of images from each imaging modality. When appropriate, the chapters will summarize past and ongoing research and propose future research directions and clinical applications. This title will appeal to ophthalmologists and optometrists at all levels, from trainees to experienced clinicians looking to learn new and important information.

Part of the Essentials in Ophthalmology series

Practical guide focusing on the clinical utility of each glaucoma imaging modality

Provides extensive, in-depth descriptions of how to interpret each type of image in managing glaucoma patients

Explains both the strengths and weaknesses of each imaging modality from the perspective of an expert glaucoma specialist

Includes a discussion of future applications of existing and novel imaging techniques in the management of glaucoma patients
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