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A Pictorial Treatise on Gall Bladder Cancer

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This book covers various aspects of gall bladder cancer, e.g. its epidemiology, etiology, pathology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, investigations, staging, management, prevention, etc. Gall bladder cancer is the most common form of biliary tract cancer worldwide, there are peculiar geographical variations in its incidence; while it is rare in the developed west (North America and Western Europe), high incidence rates are reported from Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia (Japan and Korea) and northern India.

In addition, the book addresses a number of related issues including thick walled gall bladder, gall bladder cancer with surgical obstructive jaundice, incidental gall bladder cancer, the role and place of common bile duct excision, the Japanese aggressive surgical approach, management of asymptomatic gall stones, etc.

An authoritative work that provides detailed insights into various aspects of gall bladder cancer and its management, the book offers a valuable resource for physicians in high-incidence areas and low-incidence areas alike. It is richly illustrated throughout with radiographs (US, CT, MRI, etc.) and operative and specimen photos.

Compiles information based on departmental experience of more than 1,000 operated (including 600 resections) cases

Presents an authoritative text on gall bladder cancer

Updates readers about gall bladder cancer with novel, innovative, interesting, simple and readable yet informative text

Highlights unresolved questions and suggests areas of research related to gall bladder cancer

Includes most recent references about gall bladder cancer
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