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Anxiety Disorders

Rethinking and Understanding Recent Discoveries

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This book reviews all important aspects of anxiety disorders with the aim of shedding new light on these disorders through combined understanding of traditional and novel paradigms. The book is divided into five sections, the first of which reinterprets anxiety from a network science perspective, examining the altered topological properties of brain networks in anxiety disorders. The second section discusses recent advances in understanding of the neurobiology of anxiety disorders, covering, for example, gene-environmental interactions and the roles of neurotransmitter systems and the oxytocin system. A wide range of diagnostic and clinical issues in anxiety disorders are then addressed, before turning attention to contemporary treatment approaches in the context of novel bio-psychosocial-behavioral models, including bio- and neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, neurostimulation, virtual reality exposure therapy, pharmacological interventions, psychodynamic therapy, and CAM options. The final section is devoted to precision psychiatry in anxiety disorders, an increasingly important area as we move toward personalized treatment.

Anxiety Disorders will be of interest for all researchers and clinicians in the field.

Reinterprets anxiety from a network science perspective

Describes advances in understanding of the neurobiology

Addresses diverse diagnostic and clinical issues

Covers a wide range of treatment approaches and the role of precision psychiatry
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