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Advanced Drug Delivery Strategies for Targeting Chronic Inflammatory Lung Diseases

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This book describes the growing clinical and healthcare relevance of nano-therapeutics in treating respiratory diseases. It begins with a brief introduction on the different types of nanoparticles in respiratory disease conditions. It further discusses the current trends in understanding the disease pathology using different in vitro and in vivo models, which are important towards the onsite clinical applications and development of new therapeutics. The book includes exciting topics such as formulation of these nanoparticles, targeting various organelles etc. It also describes the future prospects and challenges in the field. Different chapters are written by researchers actively working in the area of pulmonary diseases. This book is designed to address the requirements of both beginners and specialized scientists involved in pulmonary research. The contents include basic concepts followed by advanced state-of-art monitoring and treatment of diseases. The book is meant for researchers and industry experts in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences and drug design.

Discusses perspectives and challenges towards the management and diagnosis of the chronic respiratory diseases
Provides insights into how advanced drug delivery systems can be effectively used for the management of various pulmonary diseases

Includes the most recent information on diagnostic methods and treatment strategies using controlled drug delivery systems
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