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Advanced Micro and Nano Manufacturing Technologies

Applications in Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering

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This volume focuses on the fundamentals and advancements in micro and nanomanufacturing technologies applied in the biomedical and biochemical domain. The contents of this volume provide comprehensive coverage of the physical principles of advanced manufacturing technologies and the know-how of their applications in the fabrication of biomedical devices and systems. The book begins by documenting the journey of miniaturization and micro-and nano-fabrication. It then delves into the fundamentals of various advanced technologies such as micro-wire moulding, 3D printing, lithography, imprinting, direct laser machining, and laser-induced plasma-assisted machining. It also covers laser-based technologies which are a promising option due to their flexibility, ease in control and application, high precision, and availability. These technologies can be employed to process several materials such as glass, polymers: polycarbonate, polydimethylsiloxane, polymethylmethacrylate, and metals such as stainless steel, which are commonly used in the fabrication of biomedical devices, such as microfluidic technology, optical and fiber-optic sensors, and electro-chemical bio-sensors. It also discusses advancements in various MEMS/NEMS based technologies and their applications in energy conversion and storage devices. The chapters are written by experts from the fields of micro- and nano-manufacturing, materials engineering, nano-biotechnology, and end-users such as clinicians, engineers, academicians of interdisciplinary background. This book will be a useful guide for academia and industry alike.

Special incorporation of classical principles and recent micro and nanomanufacturing concepts and methodologies are incorporated
Modern analytical methods in biomedical systems and instrumentation are described
Commercially feasible / translated systems are be incorporated
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