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Head and Neck Imaging

A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach

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This book provides a practically applicable guide to the all the different imaging modalities used in the diagnosis and management of ENT & Head and Neck patients. It bridges the gap in understanding between surgeons treating ENT & Head and Neck conditions and radiologists who oversee the process of scan requests, interpretation and delivering reports that best inform the subsequent management. Chapters cover a variety of sub-specialist areas including plain films, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), auditory implantation, paediatrics, head and neck cancer, trauma, three dimensional (3D) reconstruction and rehabilitation including swallow. This book facilitates surgeons and radiologists to further develop their understanding of each other’s perspectives on clinical decision-making and appropriately interpreting the outputs from a range of imaging modalities. Head and Neck Imaging: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach is a resource well-suited to all trainees, residents, consultants who use these techniques to treat patients with head and neck symptoms. Furthermore, it is vital for those individuals preparing for exams in disciplines such as ear nose and throat, maxillofacial surgery and radiology.

This book covers a full spectrum of topics spanning from basic principles to complex considerations

The book is fully illustrated and incorporates schematic diagrams, tables and charts, making it more reader-friendly

The book includes correlations of 2-D and 3-D anatomy teaching through the use of developing technology and software solutions, allowing new innovative methods of anatomy illustrations to be presented

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