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Bovine Reproduction

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2/E 2021

The newly revised Second Edition of Bovine Reproduction delivers a comprehensive overview of all major issues in bovine reproduction. Written by leading experts in the subject, the book is an indispensable reference for any veterinarian dealing with bovine fertility.

Bovine Reproduction is divided into sections on the bull, the cow, the neonate, and assisted reproduction techniques. New chapters cover new gene manipulation technologies, managing problem donors, lameness, and more. Outdated and redundant information from the First Edition has been removed and replaced by coverage of new diseases, technologies, procedures, techniques, and approaches to fertility problems.

A new companion website provides images and tables from the book in PowerPoint format. In addition to more than 675 full-color images, readers will also benefit from:

A thorough discussion of the anatomy and physiology of the bull, including the endocrine and exocrine function of bovine testes and the thermoregulation of the testes
An exploration of breeding and health management of bulls, including the evaluation of breeding soundness, and ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract
An examination of the anatomy, physiology, and the breeding and health management of cows, including fetal programming, the reproductive tract microbiome, and a section on obstetrics and reproductive surgery
A review of the management of both critical care of the neonate and effective colostrum assessment and provision
An introduction to assisted and advanced reproductive technologies

A practical and comprehensive reference, Bovine Reproduction is a must-have purchase for bovine practitioners, theriogenologists, animal scientists, veterinary students, and residents with an interest in cattle.

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