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A Textbook of Clinical Embryology

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Personnel working in assisted reproductive technology often lack the opportunities for dedicated training in the specialized techniques and technologies required for the procedures. As such, success in the form of live birth rates can range from over 50% to less than 10% per treatment cycle. This comprehensive introductory textbook is an essential resource for trainee embryologists, medical students and nurses. The recent revolutions in biotechnology and molecular biology involved in delivering assisted reproductive services are thoroughly discussed. Basic knowledge such as the development and physiology of both male and female reproductive systems is covered, with practical aspects of IVF including gamete and embryo manipulation, cryopreservation and genetic testing explained in detail. A full description of the optimal structure and management of the IVF laboratory is given, helping ensure procedures are safe and effective. Extensive and highly detailed colour illustrations bring the content to life and aids readers in their understanding.

Over sixty detailed colour illustrations bring the content to life, depicting the topics being discussed and helping readers understand the content
Includes detailed explanations of basic knowledge such as the development and physiology of male and female reproductive systems and embryo development, giving readers a grounding in the biology behind assisted reproduction
Comprehensive guidance on the optimal structure, organisation and management of IVF laboratories helps readers improve their practices and ensure successful procedures

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