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Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

Oxford Specialist Handbook

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2/E 2019

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Recent years have seen a marked increase in cardiovascular computed tomography (CT) imaging, with the technique now integrated into many imaging guidelines, such as those published by ESC and NICE. Rapid clinical and technological progress has created a need for guidance on the practical aspects of CT image acquisition, analysis and interpretation.

The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Cardiovascular CT, now revised for the second edition by practising international experts with many years of hands-on experience, is designed to fulfil this need. The Handbook is a practical guide on performing, analysing and interpreting cardiovascular CT scans, covering all aspects from patient safety to optimal image acquisition to differential diagnoses of tricky images. It takes an international approach to both accreditation and certification, highlighting British, European, and American examinations and courses.

The format is designed to be accessible and is laid out in easy to navigate sections. It is meant as a quick-reference guide, to live near the CT scanner, workstation, or on the office shelf. The Handbook is aimed at all cardiovascular CT users (Cardiologists, Radiologists and Radiographers), particularly those new to cardiovascular CT, although even the advanced user should find useful tips and tricks within.

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