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Gynecologic Dermatology

Symptoms, Signs and Clinical Management

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Gynecologic Dermatology: Symptoms, Signs and Clinical Management is a clinically-oriented resource for both specialist and non-specialist clinicians who manage patients with vulval disorders. The book is designed to meet the needs of front line primary care providers, as well as the more in-depth information requirements of specialists working in dermatology, gynecology and sexual health disciplines.
Section one covers normal anatomy and the approach to history taking, clinical examination and biopsy taking. In section two, chapters describe the signs and symptoms of vulval disease, using numerous tables and photographs to help the physician work through the diagnostic process. Section three includes chapters devoted to all of the key vulvar diseases, describing in detail the pathogenesis, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis and management of each individual condition.
With contributions from a team of international experts, Gynecologic Dermatology: Symptoms, Signs and Clinical Management is a practical, accessible guide that summarises latest best practice and helps dermatologists, gynecologists and sexual healthcare providers devise the most effective treatment plans for their patients.
• Clinically-oriented approach provides sufficient depth for specialists while maintaining accessibility to generalists and other healthcare professionals • Lavishly illustrated format, with nearly 400 clinical photographs, depicts the signs and symptoms of vulvar disease • Multidisciplinary, international editor and author team offers expert advice from all participating disciplines

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