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The Dermatology Handbook

A Clinicians Guide

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Dermatology clinics are extremely fast-paced, and while the internet is useful, online resources slow clinics down as clinicians find that it can often take lengthy amounts of time to obtain meaningful information. Recognizing this problem, Dr. Vashi has developed, over the course of several years, a practical guide targeted toward practicing dermatologists, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and residents.

The Dermatology Handbook provides clinical information and quick solutions to common problems typically faced by dermatologists in a user-friendly and meaningful way. Designed in to fit into a coat pocket, the content is presented as bulleted lists, along with tables and algorithms to allow busy clinicians to find the information they need rapidly.

Featuring fill in the blank pages for users to personalize, this handbook is at once comprehensive and succinct. Chapters include sections on most common dermatologic complaints, dermatologic emergencies, surgery basics, and cosmetic pearls. Drug tables, E/M coding reference, and algorithms for history taking and treatment approach also work to provide the reader with efficient usability.

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