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Extreme Sports Medicine Manual

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Extreme sports are becoming immensely popular in today’s culture. Many people participate in these sports at some level. Medical care for the extreme athlete is unique. There are unique injury patterns to certain sports. Medical personnel are not always aware of all these aspects of injury in these sports and the special care that is required. The purpose of this book is to bring this unique knowledge of extreme sports medicine to light in an exciting way. It will be a practical handbook for those who want to gain expertise in the field and for those called upon to take care of the extreme athlete. It will be organized by sport with every chapter following the same outline: Scope of the sport; Patterns and types of injury; special injuries unique to that sport — Mechanism of injury, diagnosis, treatment; Surgical techniques for unique injuries; Injury prevention. FEATURES ? Authors who are expert in the medical care of these athletes and participants in the sports ? Color thoughout ? First manual devoted to the care of extreme athletes ? Heavy emphasis on injury prevention ? Pitched to the sports medicine physician and athletic trainer rather than the orthopaedic surgeon ? Practical information on diagnosis and treatment


Sportverletzung - Sportschaden

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Sportverletzung Sportschaden deckt das gesamte Spektrum der sportmedizinischen Praxis ab.

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