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Colorectal Surgery Consultation

Tips and Tricks for the Management of Operative Challenges


This book provides clear surgical options when the cases are not “routine”. It follows both a “how to” manual as well as an algorithm-based guide to allow the reader to understand the thought process behind the proposed treatment strategy. International experts address how to avoid being in tough surgical situations through preoperative planning, how to better deal with commonly encountered intra-operative findings, how to deal with difficult laparoscopic, open, endoscopic, and anorectal cases and finally how to avoid medico-legal issues. Each chapter brings together operative tips and tricks that expert colorectal surgeons have learned from their many years of practices in high-volume, specialized, academic centers over the years, which they utilize in the management of these complex challenges.

Moreover, the text addresses challenges of managing complex patients and expands the reader’s understanding of the technical details that make these situations challenging, while still offering evidence and experience-based solutions for surgeons of all levels to better care for these patients. The underlying focus throughout the text provides pragmatic advice and reproducible techniques that can be readily implemented by surgeons of varying experience to successfully treat complex colorectal problems through endoscopic and endoluminal approaches.Colorectal Surgery Consultation is simple and succinct and provides salient key points and practical techniques that may make the difference in patient outcomes.



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