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Atlas of Ocular Trauma

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This book aims to provide comprehensive pictures of ocular trauma illustrating signs, examinations and surgical procedures to clinical practitioners including the nurses, medical students, residents, fellows and ophthalmologists, and help them make the appropriate decision on the diagnosis and management of such patients.

The first chapter gives a general introduction of ocular trauma which helps clinical practitioners generate the basic ideas of classification of ocular trauma and understand general principles of examination and first-aid management of such patients. The following chapters cover all types of ocular trauma with the comprehensive pictures combined with brief case studies. For each disease, a brief introduction, explanation as well as management are offered to the readers. With the illustrative figures, making the right diagnose, offering the best advice or treatment to the patients, and understanding surgical procedures would be easily achieved. The highlight of this book is that the diagnosis and treatment of each disease are concentrated on the pictures and practitioners would understand a sign or even a disease in one visual sweep. Since ophthalmology is such an imaging-heavy specialty, and ocular trauma comes as an emergency condition at most of the time, making the right decision for ocular traumatic patients the first glance is necessary for daily clinical practice. Hopefully this book may help the audiences to be prepared for any challenge of ocular traumatic cases.

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