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Textbook of Neuroanesthesia and Neurocritical Care

Volume I - Neuroanesthesia

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The 1st edition of this two-volume book deals with anesthesia for neurosurgical conditions and intensive care management of neurosurgical and neurological conditions. The 1st volume is dedicated to neuroanesthesia.

This book begins with basic information of neuroanesthesia. It discusses comprehensively the brain and spine anatomy, physiology and relevant pharmacology. Special considerations in pregnant patients, pediatrics and geriatrics have been covered in separate chapters. Management of pain in these patients has also been covered in detail. Each neurosurgical condition has been discussed in a standard format relevant to neurosurgical patients. Each chapter has been prepared by experts in the field and contains well prepared illustrations and flowcharts. Relevant images have also been included. Authors have also tried to include the latest evidence based information in their chapters. There are also some of the latest topics related to robotic surgery and gene therapy.

All residents, fellows and trainees in the field of neuroanesthesia and anesthesia will be benefitted by this volume. Additionally, all practitioners and consultants in anesthesia and neuroanesthesia would also be benefitted.


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