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Atlas of Clinical Neurology


- Updated edition features clinically essential images and figures
- World-renowned authors from a variety of medical disciplines
- Full-color and expertly illustrated
Like its preceding editions, this atlas is an indispensable guide to the field of neurology,
featuring the mostclinically essential images and figures. Chapters offer insight and research
written by deeply practiced, knowledgeable neurologists that is supplemented with detailed
imagery, tables, algorithms, and delineative drawings. Topics covered includedevelopmental and
genetic diseases, neuroendocrine disorders, critical care neurology, cerebrovascular disease,
dementias, behavioral neurology, neuro-oncology, movement disorders, epilepsy, neuromuscular
diseases, infectious diseases, neuroimmunology, neurotoxic disorders, and headache.The
authors also delve into specific issues currently prevalent in neuroscientific research, including
Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Machado-Joseph disease, Huntington’s disease, and brain
scanning with PET and fMRI. The Atlas of Clinical Neurology, 4th Edition serves as a
comprehensive and premier visual resource for neurologists.



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