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Abdominal Wall Surgery

How Reimbursement Systems Can Change Surgical Evolution


Presents a multidisciplinary approach in the value chain of health treatment
involving surgeons, health management and policy scholars, and medical
technology companies
Introduces the theme of big data in surgery
Compares health policies and innovation in surgery procedures
This book presents different patient-oriented perspectives from surgeons, economic evaluation
and management researchers, and business companies active in the healthcare sector, striking
a balance between the appropriateness/effectiveness of treatment and efficiency/cost. It does
not include technical surgical details, but instead provides the necessary knowledge regarding
different groups of patients to help economic and management researchers make accurate
evaluations. Although partially based on the specific case of abdominal wall surgery in the
Italian health system, the book defines a model that can, with the necessary adaptations, be
applied in other national contexts. It also analyzes different reimbursement systems and
methods of data collection. This approach supports the evolution form evidence-based
medicine (EBM) to the future of real-world data (big data analysis). Further, it highlights the
critical issue of “silos” reimbursement, which is the pillar of DRG, and proposes methodology to
evaluate the direct and indirect benefit and costs of surgery (for example quality of care, costs
incurred in cases of surgical complications due to the use of inappropriate, low-cost material or
due to surgical procedure. It is a valuable resource for clinicians, surgeons, policymakers and
managers in the field.



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