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PET/CT in Brain Disorders


Covers both clinical and research applications of PET/CT
Presents numerous images of help in daily clinical practice
Written by leading experts in the field
This well-illustrated pocket book offers up-to-date guidance on the clinical and research
applications of PET/CT in the most common neurological and neuro-oncological disorders. The
opening chapters cover the pros and cons of widely used radiological imaging techniques,
scanners, and radiopharmaceuticals, with emphasis on the state of the art hybrid modalities,
primarily PET/CT but also PET/MRI. Helpful information is provided on the clinical and research
tracers used in neurodegenerative diseases, movement disorders, epilepsy and brain tumours.
These four killers are then discussed in detail, highlighting the role of PET/CT and targeted
tracers in their assessment and in radiotherapy planning. In addition, the clinical applications of
PET/MRI are considered. Throughout, many images are included to better explain the diseases
and the role of hybrid imaging, and the final chapter presents a large sample of teaching
cases and files that will assist in daily clinical practice. The book has been compiled under the
auspices of the British Nuclear Medicine Society. It will be an excellent asset for nuclear
medicine physicians, radiologists, radiographers, neurologists and neurosurgeons.



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