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Compression and Chronic Wound Management

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1st ed. 2019

Represents an essential resource in wound management
Features information on the latest advances on materials used in
compression systems
Provides updated information on intermittent pneumatic compression devices
Addresses problems encountered in tropical climates
This book evaluates the various evidence-based arguments for the use of compression to treat
chronic wounds.It describes the growing health burden caused by these lesions with vast sums
spent on wound management and its associated complexities around the world. Since
compression is the mainstay of treatment in venous conditions ranging from varicose veins
through venous leg ulcers, the authors have also evaluated the use of compression techniques
in the successful management of lymphoedema and certain orthopaedic conditions.
Compression and Chronic Wound Managementprovides a balanced text on how to apply
scientific knowledge to ensure pragmatic clinical practice. It therefore represents an essential
resource for residents, specialists and researchers in wound management, whether they are
dermatologist, vascular medicine physicians and surgeons, or orthopaedic practitioners.

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