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Pulmonary Manifestations of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

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1st ed. 2019

Practical guide to PID related respiratory disease
Provides key information relevant to the diagnosis and management
Multi-disciplinary resource for professionals in respiratory medicine and
This book provides a broad overview of the respiratory manifestations associated with Primary
Immune deficiencies (PID) congenital genetic defects such as infections, chronic inflammation,
autoimmunity, lymphoproliferation, allergic manifestations and rare forms of cancer. Since the
most common site of involvement in PID is the lung, the pulmonologists (pediatrics or adult),
Internists and General Practitioners may be among the first to recognize the pattern of
pulmonary disorders, leading to diagnosis of PID. Pulmonary complications present a
significant cause of morbidity and also mortality among patients suffering from different forms
of PID. With the prevalence of lung infections and disease so high in PID patients, respiratory
professionals will find this book to be an essential resource for diagnosing, managing and
referring PID related pulmonary disorders in clinical practice.



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