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Pain After Surgery

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Pain After Surgery offers an in-depth, comprehensive overview
of basic and clinical research in the field. It presents the
knowledge and expertise of top global researchers regarding
changes in central nervous system function accompanying and
following surgery, as a model of chronic pain development. It also translates scientific understanding
into a basis for effective clinical management of acute and persistent pain after surgery.
Of interest to pain scientists and clinicians involved in perioperative care and the management of
chronic pain, this title offers a timely understanding of the extensive range of available research
tools and methods, as well as integrated approaches to deal with the inherent complexity of pain
after surgery. In addition, it covers topics vital to today’s clinical pain management: implementing
translational research methodologies while understanding their limitations; employing a comprehensive
“menu” of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies to minimize acute postoperative
pain; optimizing this menu to best meet the needs of younger or older individuals; predicting which
patients are most vulnerable to developing chronic postoperative pain; and defining and capturing
practical data to develop evidence that supports paradigm shifts in clinical pain practice.



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Praxisorientierte und wissenschaftliche Informationen aus dem gesamten Spektrum der palliativmedizinischen Versorgung.

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