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100 Interesting Case Studies in Neurointervention

Tips and Tricks

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Neurointervention is a fast-growing subspecialty, and recent trials have demonstrated its role in ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke. This has generated tremendous interest among interventional neuroradiology, neurology and neurosurgery communities. Nevertheless, formal teaching programmes that provide the required experience are limited, and many early career practitioners are not exposed to the crucial technical details essential to safely performing the procedure before they start practising independently. The book presents 100 characteristic case studies to illustrate the salient technical and clinical issues in decision-making and problem solving during the procedure. This book conveys the “real-world” issues and solutions that are not addressed in detail in most books. As such it is a practical teaching book with useful “tips and tricks” on how to handle specific challenging situations, and is particularly useful for fellows in neurointervention training programmes.

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