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Birth Trauma and Perinatal Brain Damage

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1st ed. 2019

This book focuses on traumatic birth injuries, predominantly of the skull and brain, as well as hemorrhagic and ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation in fetuses and newborns, providing information on the classification, incidence, etiology and pathogenesis, pathomorphology, clinic, diagnostics, prognosis, and complications for each condition. It also discusses the configuration of the head, venous congestion, displacements of cranial bones, ruptures of the cerebellar tentorium during labor, the compression of the skull and brain damage caused by obstetric operations and asynclitic insertion of head, describing the importance of the periosteal stagnation of the skull to assess the delivery and explanation of tentorium tears.

It offers the world’s first explanation of why tentorium tears occur most frequently in the left half, providing an original classification of damaged tentoria, subarachnoid and intraventricular hemorrhages, and the degree of configuration of the head in childbirth.

The book is intended for neonatologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, perinatologists, pediatric neurologists, pathologists, pediatricians and forensic experts.

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