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Thoracic Ultrasound and Integrated Imaging

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1st ed. 2020

This book focuses on thoracic ultrasound, a versatile, low-cost, noninvasive and non-ionizing imaging technique. Portable devices mean this method can be used for quick and accurate diagnosis in emergency settings, outside organized medical facilities, during transportation or at the patient’s bed in intensive care units. It also allows immediate diagnosis, which is important for determining the subsequent therapeutic approach. Moreover, as a dynamic examination that allows “real-time” assessment, it is useful in optimizing diagnosis, respiratory support equipment, surgical interventions and physiopathological assessment, both in critical patients and those with chronic conditions. Lastly, since it avoids ionizing radiation, thoracic ultrasound is a first-line diagnostic tool for thoracic disease assessment in pregnancy, neonatology and pediatrics.

This book has a practical approach and includes technological elements that are needed in order to set up the equipment correctly. This integrated approach provides non-radiologists with essential know-how on using thoracic ultrasound as an extension of their physical examinations. Specific chapters are dedicated to thoracic ultrasound applications in neonatology, pediatrics and emergency medicine as well as guided procedures and diaphragm function studies. Thoracic ultrasound has been central in the clinical and experimental work of the editors for several years, and the book includes additional contributions from particularly skilled international experts in thoracic ultrasound specific applications, making it a valuable resource for medical practitioners interested in a practical approach to thoracic ultrasound.


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