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Cognitive Rehabilitation for Pediatric Neurological Disorders

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Responding to expansion in the field of cognitive rehabilitation, this book offers a comprehensive review of interventions specifically for children and adolescents. Recent advances in research into pediatric cognitive rehabilitation make this a timely guide to the subject. Incorporating and reviewing current evidence to strengthen and consolidate the resource base for pediatric clinical care in cognitive rehabilitation, this book offers a reliable and engaging text for best practice. Systematic interventions to ameliorate the impact of cognitive difficulties following neurological injury, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke and brain tumor, can involve cognitive, behavioral, or pharmacologic methods. Case studies and practical guidance are included, to support the effective management and enhancement of cognitive recovery in children and adolescents. This book acts as a resource for professionals of all disciplines interested in understanding the existing evidence base for cognitive rehabilitation interventions for children and adolescents, featuring practical day-to-day professional support.

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