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Applied Sport Mechanics with Web Study Guide

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4/E 2018

Applied Sport Mechanics, Fourth Edition With Web Study Guide, helps undergraduate students understand how the fundamental laws of human movement affect athletes’ performances. Foundational principles of kinetics, kinematics, and sports technique are clearly presented and then explored through a variety of applied scenarios.

What’s New
This latest edition builds on the success of the previous editions (formerly titled Sport Mechanics for Coaches), and offers much new material:

A web study guide with new chapter review questions and practical activities that help students learn and apply complex theories to real-life situations
An array of updated pedagogical aids, including a glossary and chapter objectives to reinforce learning
A full-color design for more engaging visual aids
Reorganized content into two parts and 13 chapters to more readily fit the topics into a typical semester course structure
Expanded sidebars that apply concepts directly to sport


Sportverletzung - Sportschaden

Das Powerpaket

Sportverletzung Sportschaden deckt das gesamte Spektrum der sportmedizinischen Praxis ab.

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