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Medical Biochemistry

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5/E 2018

Now fully revised, this acclaimed textbook efficiently links basic biochemistry with the day-to-day practice of medicine.

You will learn basic science concepts and see them illustrated by clinical cases that describe patients you will likely encounter in your clinical training. You will also learn about the use of laboratory tests to diagnose and monitor the most important conditions.

Brought to you in a thorough yet accessible manner, this new edition of Medical Biochemistry highlights the latest developments in regulatory and molecular biology, signal transduction, biochemistry and biomarkers of chronic disease, and bioinformatics and the ‘-omics’. It highlights the most important global medical issues: diabetes mellitus, obesity and malnutrition, cancer and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and addresses the role of nutrition and exercise in medicine.

Featuring a team of expert contributors that includes investigators involved in cutting-edge research as well as experienced clinicians, this book offers a unique combination of research and clinical practice tailored to today’s integrated courses.

Read organ-focused chapters addressing the biochemistry of the bone, kidney, liver, lungs and muscle; and system-focused ones addressing the biochemistry of the immune and endocrine systems, neurochemistry and neurotransmission, and cancer

Download the enhanced, interactive eBook (that comes with the printed book) for unique bonus content and anytime access to the complete contents - extras include:

- a glossary for quick reference review of difficult concepts

- additional clinical images, text and case studies to further relate essential concepts to modern practice

- links to important further resources - including videos, databases, key guidelines and related literature

- 150+ multiple-choice and USMLE-style questions to test your understanding and aid exam preparation

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