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Atlas of Cochlear Anatomy Via Microdissection

Clinical Implications

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This text will focus on selected aspects of cochlear anatomy as illustrated by material prepared by the microdissection technique. The microdissection method for study of cochlear anatomy provides a three-dimensional perspective not possible with standard histological approaches. Although much of the material to be included in the book was processed by the microdissection method, photomicrographs from conventionally cross sectioned inner ear tissues and scanning electron microscopy will also be presented. Taken together, these technical approaches provide different, complementary views of inner ear anatomy, offering a fuller, more informative understanding than is possible with any of the methods used alone. While micrographs obtained from microdissected material appear sporadically in journal articles, there is no comprehensive collection of such images currently available. The illustrations assembled in the proposed book will be complementary to, rather than competitive with, the more traditional histologic images and drawings now available in standard texts.

The Atlas will include a collection of approximately 70 photographic images with detailed legends and a descriptive text along with comments regarding clinical relevance. It will be useful to otolaryngologists, anatomists, and neuroscientists. It will be appropriate for otolaryngology residents, general otolaryngologists and otologists/neurotologists. It will be of special interest and utility to those engaged in cochlear implantation, and to physicians and researchers in the growing fields of implantable hearing aids and drug delivery to the inner ear. Anatomists specializing in sensory systems will find the images contained in this book helpful in understanding the intricate anatomy of the cochlea. The book will also be of value to those members of industry involved in designing, manufacturing and marketing implantable hearing aids, cochlear implants and drug delivery devices for the inner ear. Finally, the book will be useful to audiologists at every level of training. Since the principal content of this book will consist of images, many with considerable aesthetic appeal, it will likely generate worldwide interest among individuals involved in the field of biological and/or medical illustration.


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