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Biomechanics of Human Motion

Applications in the Martial Arts


Biomechanics of Human Motion: Applications in the Martial Arts, Second Edition, explores the biomechanical principles of nine different forms of martial arts, with specific attention paid to their anatomical features. Within this examination, Professor Arus highlights the use of energy and force especially in Kyusho-Jutsu. Whereas the first edition provided an in-depth explanation of the Aikido techniques of Kokyu-ryoku, the second edition focusses specifically on the grabbing and liberation techniques used in Kyusho-Jutsu. Such an examination stresses the importance of vital points, "finger manipulation", and their co rresponding emphasis on energy usage. As Professor Arus details throughout Biomechanics of Human Motion, Second Edition, knowledge of this form of pressure point maneuvering is useful in both attack and counterattack situations, especially since the martial artist’s anatomo-physiological adaptation to effort represents the most significant development in fighting regimens. The second edition also includes a discussion of the katana. Professor Arus notes that defense against the katana is nearly impossible, describing the three major steps used in Japanese (Ma). It is customary in Aikido to defend against a wooden sword. By using a wooden sword, an Aikido Master’s demonstration is pre-determined. Techniques to defend against these demonstrations are discussed throughout the book. Finally, various attack and defense techniques using pressure points are also explained in Biomechanics of Human Motion, Second Edition.