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Latissimus Dorsi Transfer

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This book is exceptional in providing detailed state of the art guidance on all aspects of transfer of the latissimus dorsi tendon for indications including irreparable posterosuperior rotator cuff tears, irreparable subscapularis tears, and shoulder replacement. In addition to clear, well-illustrated descriptions of arthroscopically assisted surgical technique, readers will find helpful information on biomechanics, surgical indications, post-transfer rehabilitation, and complications and their management. Outcomes from individual studies and meta-analyses are evaluated, and a feature of special interest is the presentation of experiences and results in a series of more than 430 patients using the surgical technique first described by Enrico Gervasi more than 10 years ago. This technique involves modifications in both preparation of the footprint for the latissimus dorsi tendon and the biomechanical features of the tendon transfer and is very different from the procedure proposed by Christian Gerber. The book will be of high value for all orthopedic surgeons who perform this complex shoulder surgery, as well as for residents and fellows-in-training.

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