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Consults in Obstetric Anesthesiology

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1st ed. 2018

Most pregnant women who present to Labor and Delivery require anesthetic intervention. Although these women have a long-standing relationship with their obstetrician, parturients typically meet the anesthesiologist for the first time. Since the majority of laboring women are healthy without significant comorbidities, this does not present much of a challenge to the anesthesiologist and the anesthetic management tends to be straight- forward with favorable outcomes. However, the real anesthetic challenge arises when patients present to Labor and Delivery with unusual or complicated medical problems. In recent years, a few of the larger institutions have developed an Obstetric Anesthesiology Consultation Service to prepare for the management of these patients. In this model, the anesthesiologist has the opportunity to discuss the various treatment modalities and potentially suggest diagnostic testing to be performed prior to delivery, similar to the pre-operative testing that is done in other surgical environments. Consults in Obstetric Anesthesiology addresses the need for a book specifically aimed at this practice for anesthesiologists and covers topics such as pulmonary, cardiac renal, hepatic, hematologic, neurologic, endocrine and other diseases.

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