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Mathematics for Neuroscientists

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2/E 2017

Virtually all scientific problems in Neuroscience require mathematical analysis, and all neuroscientists are increasingly required to have a significant understanding of mathematical methods. There is currently no comprehensive, integrated introductory book on the use of mathematics in Neuroscience, existing books either concentrate solely on theoretical modeling or discuss mathematical concepts for the treatment of very specific problems. This book fills this need by systematically introducing mathematical and computational tools in precisely the contexts that first established their importance for neuroscience. All mathematical concepts will be introduced from the simple to complex using the by far most widely used computing environment, Matlab. All code will be available via a companion website, which will be continuously updated with additional code and updates necessitated by software releases.
This book will provide a grounded introduction to the fundamental concepts of mathematics, neuroscience and their combined use, thus providing the reader with a spring-board to cutting-edge research topics and fostering a tighter integration of mathematics and neuroscience for future generations of students.

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